Professionals helping people recover and thrive

Life is a process of ups and downs and during these down phases everything seems too much to cope with. Our professional therapists are highly skilled and experienced in assisting and supporting you during these difficult, and often challenging times.

Trauma is a human experience, and means wounding. Just as our body can be traumatized, so can our psyche. On a psychological level, trauma refers to the wounding of our emotions, our spirit, our will to live, our beliefs about ourselves and our sense of security in the world we live in. Every one of us will experience trauma as part of our life experience at some point. Some of us more than others. Trauma can be impersonal trauma, such as motor vehicle accidents, loss of home through flood, bushfire, robbery. Trauma can be interpersonal trauma, such as assault, sexual abuse, domestic violence and neglect.

Every person’s experience of trauma is unique. What we do share when experiencing trauma is overwhelming emotions of fear, panic, crisis, helplessness, and desperation. We often protest again the trauma event. “This should never have happened!” “It should not be this way!” By protesting it, we attempt to reject it, and this is a natural response when we experience a traumatic event.

Other symptoms we may experience could include:

   Flashbacks – re-experiencing the event

   Numbed feelings

   Avoidance of thoughts or conversations about the event

   Depression and/or anxiety

   Difficulty sleeping, often due to distressing dreams

   Oversensitivity to noise, smells, sudden movements, or other trigger for the memory known as hyperarousal

   Rage and anger

   Feeling of guilt and shame

   Abuse/misuse of alcohol and other substances can be common

Trauma experiences bring with them a personal crisis, a crisis which asks us two challenging questions. “Is this it?” “Will I survive?” When faced with such a crisis we face the real possibility that we will not cope, not manage, not recover, and not survive. We can further experience a crisis of faith; in God, the universe, people, and our own worldview.

Trauma experiences bring with it both a crisis and opportunity. The opportunity to develop strength, endurance, resilience, compassion, sensitivity and courage. Again, we ask challenging questions. “How do I respond?” “How can I use this experience to contribute to me, rather than injure me?”

The more we learn about our trauma experiences, the better we become at managing our lives and what we feel. Healing is possible, and you are the expert on your own trauma experience/s. Counselling provides a safe space to assist you in uncovering your own truth and support you emotionally.