Sandra Bowden 08/10/2017

Jill’s testimonial

Back in 2006, my life was dramatically altered when my husband of 21 years left me and our children.

I was left with immense sadness, self doubt and no self worth however realised I had to take a real good look at my self.  Sandra began counselling me and she was just the ‘right fit’ for me. Her kindness, compassion and skilful way to help me analyse myself and my behaviour was immensely helpful. Her ability to take me back to my childhood/adolescent ‘demons’ helped me see and realise how the past can have so much impact of the adult you become.

As time passed my self doubt and dislike of myself began to dissipate.

I became a more confident and secure person and I thank Sandra so much for that.  I am very fortunate to have found her and highly recommend her services to anyone who is struggling with themselves and /or others.

Jill, Victoria

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