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At Newlands Counselling our focus is the process of life, and the inevitable challenges you may encounter across your lifespan. Counselling is as old as human kind, as we have sought through the ages to understand ourselves, to make sense and find meaning in our experiences, and transcend painful life events. This guidance was often embedded in more informal ways through our families, and communities. With vast economic and social changes over the years, there has been a significant impact on the way we manage our lives, have personal conversations, and in how we seek support through often challenging life transitions.

Think for a moment about a relationship ending. Whether you are the one being left, or the one doing the leaving, the breakdown of a relationship, in which you invested much of yourself, your future hopes and dreams, is a daunting life experience. Intellectually you could reason your way through the many explanations for the decision, or the many reasons for feeling the way you do. Emotionally you may struggle with the uncomfortable and distressing emotions, such as anger, guilt, resentment and sadness, which accompanies such a life experience. Psychological experiences could include symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, as you consider a future without your partner, being a single parent, or having to step back into the workforce after several years.

Counselling is a helping approach which reflects on your emotional, psychological, and intellectual experiences, and how you feel and think about a specific problem and/ or life transition. Depending on your needs, we may consider a psychodynamic approach, which reflects on earlier life experiences, and explore how these may affect your current difficulty. When your relationship ends, you could be reminded of another time in your life when you experienced being left, or being abandoned.

There is no judgment in the counselling process, no diagnosis given, and no advice offered. It is a space in which you can express painful feelings and difficult emotions, and discuss concerns regarding psychological symptoms of concern. Counselling examines part/s of your life which may have been difficult, or impossible to face, such as the end of your relationship, and can create an awareness to the reasons you react or respond in the ways you do. It does no good, to demand things should be different to what they actually are.

Counselling aims to have an honest dialogue about your values, beliefs, dreams, hopes and expectations, and reduce any confusion, allowing you to make a more effective, self-empowering decision, which could lead to positives changes in attitudes and/or behaviors.

How you could benefit from my counselling…

In my experience as a relationship counsellor, I’ve found some keys methods that produce effective, gratifying and long term results. When these methods are applied properly, the relationship naturally transforms into one of more respect, connection and mutual understanding.

The sessions I provide are interactive, not passive, meaning each session is structured to help you progress forward by adding to the building block established in the prior session. To find out more, simply call 1300 001 220 today! 30-minute free telephone consultation!

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