Professionals helping people recover and thrive

Life is a process of ups and downs and during these down phases everything seems too much to cope with. Our professional therapists are highly skilled and experienced in assisting and supporting you during these difficult, and often challenging times.

In general, the term grief refers to our personal experience of loss. It is a natural response and process following a significant loss. The loss may be the end of a significant relationship or the death of someone close. Experiences of grief can also come about when we lose a valued personal item, or when we move away from a particular house, suburb, country, or place of employment. Grief is an experience of separation we need to go through in order to come back into balance and move forward in our life.

It is normal to feel sadness and grief when a loved one passes away, and a sense of loss when life does not go the way we have hoped or planned. Intense and persistent yearning or longing for the deceased person, a sense that life is now meaningless and difficulty in resuming life, can be signs of complicated grief.

Although all of the aforementioned symptoms can occur in those experiencing “normal” grief, those with complicated grief tend to experience them on such a scale that they are unable to function properly for an extended period of time.

Counselling is often needed in any grief process or bereavement, but especially in areas where we feel the natural order of life has been disturbed. The grief process is often unknown or not understood, and such uncertainty may add to the distress.

Counselling helps educate and permission to allow such a process. The process is necessary in any form of loss. We need to know how to move through our grief and/ or bereavement by acknowledging our loss, familiarizing ourselves with our emotions one step at a time. Grief and bereavement affects men, women and children. Each individual will move through the process differently, and in their own time. Most importantly perhaps is the idea men should be allowed and encouraged to grieve, show emotion and seek support.

Loss, bereavement and endings are part of life. Counselling can play a vital role in educating about the process, and providing a space for the experience to be heard and felt. We are human; we suffer and grieve after loss, and should be allowed to do so with support.