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Life and relationships are a process of ups and downs, and during these down phases everything seems too much to cope with. Our professional counsellors are highly skilled, and experienced, in assisting and supporting you during these difficult, and often challenging times.

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Couples Counselling

Living in a close relationship with another person can be an experience of comfort, support, compassion, and companionship, and at times the experience can be one of distress, frustration and even despair. Close relationships go through different phases of development and growth, just as the individuals in the relationship

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We Understand Relationships

Why choose us ?

At Newlands counselling we understand the importance of healthy, and positive relationships. When our relational world is not healthy, and distressed, it can impact our physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

Relationship Counselling

Communication – The Building Blocks of a Strong Marriage

Find Out if Your Relationship Needs Counselling